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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rent contol is a slippery slope

Pat Butler writes about the New park owner strikes fear in residents, December 10, 2005
It can't be easy facing a group of people who are worried about losing their homes, even if you're the one who might force them out of those homes.

But that's where Ken Waterhouse of Roseville was sitting on Tuesday night. The new owner of the Grass Valley Mobile Home Park was trying to calm his tenants while at the same time explaining two rent-increase options.
The pleas for rent control is a slippery slope, as many California Cities found in the 1970. It produced less affordable housing, not more. The immediate benefit was to the current occupants, but over time rent controls limited the development of more affordable housing, or in this case mobile home parks. Over time the existing properties fell into disrepair and lowered the valuable of neighboring properties, resulting in demands for lower property taxes. If one park gets controls, then other will follow. The whole community ended up paying the cost of rent controls. Is this what we want in Nevada County.

Here is an analysis of rent control issues by the CATO Institute.

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