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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Online shopping reduces traffic

Margaret Bloebaum thinks that Local shopping is key to our prosperity, December 8, 2005
I was disturbed to read, among the "Non-Shoppers" comments in a recent edition of The Union, the comment, "I spent the day shopping around online. It's easier, there are better deals than in Grass Valley and I wasn't pushed or shoved around."


I believe that there is a logical reason: If we don't support our local businesses, they cannot support our local governments with their sales taxes. That is why I believe that the Internet is doing serious damage to local economies.
I disagree, Internet shopping is good for both Grass Valley and Nevada City, it reduces all that traffic congestion CCAT is always complaining about. We had a Town Hall meeting in Grass Valley where many citizens demanded communities that were car unfriendly, more narrow streets, less parking, they wanted more walking and biking. Damn those 60,000 folks that live in the county and their shopping needs. So, we will have more online shopping, more shopping in Auburn and Rosville with adequate parking. No walking, no biking, no waiting for public transit in the rain and snow.

Now that said, what is stopping local business from having an Internet presence and local delivery. A to Z Supply has a web site, and they sell products around the world, They have even sold some brass valves to NASA in Florida. DeMartini RV significantly increased their sales when they went online, now they have expanded their business to other communities. You can order Caroline’s Coffee online and have it delivered. You get the idea.

There is no reason that other business in Grass Valley and Nevada City cannot sell through Amazon if they establish a Sellers Account. Many of the items I buy, with a single click, are shipped from an associate company, including an independent geek book store in Roseville.

We need more internet shopping not less. We can buy online then go for a walk and enjoy our coffee in a street side cafe, with out any of that peskey traffic congestion. You can mail the sales tax on your Internet purchases to the city, dropping it off while walking, or biking, to your traffic free coffee. Maybe the City can put some sales tax drop off boxes around the city, saving us the postage.

UPDATE: Check out the comments on Margarets Other Voices here. Others agree, we need more local business online.

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