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Friday, December 09, 2005

How much is junk science going to cost you?

Climate strategy for state proposed
Advisers flesh out governor's call to cut 'greenhouse gases.'
Story in the Sac Bee
Michael Hanemann, an environmental economist at the University of California, Berkeley, who contributed to the report, said taxing petroleum is a bold idea, but not new. "The notion that using transportation fuels creates what are considered harmful effects is well-established in economics," Hanemann said. "So is the notion of introducing that into the cost of gasoline." However, he said he knows of no such fees or taxes in any other states.
The climate team did not say how much the fee should be, but noted that a charge of 2.57 cents per gallon would be comparable to the existing public-goods charge on electricity. A 2.57-cent charge would raise $408.6 million, based upon the current consumption by Californians of 15.9 billion gallons of gasoline a year. The team did not specify how that money would be used.
If the Governor follows these recommendations you are going to pay 55 cents every time you put twenty gallons of fuel in your car for the “public good” all based on junk science. There is no proof that increased levels of CO2 are the major cause of global warming. Can you just imagine how the $408.6 million is going to be spent? Not on preparing the state for global warming, I will bet. With no fee being changed in other states, how long will California business put up with this noncompetitive tax on their business? Stand by the exit and count them as they leave for Oregon, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona.

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