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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hard to see truth when blinded by hate

Chuck Idler things there was a Breach of security, December 3, 2005
The cardinal rule regarding the handling of classified information is based on "the need to know" concept. This means, even if someone has a security clearance, that person must have the need for certain classified information in order to perform his work. Cheney and his cohorts violated the need-to-know rule when they divulged classified information to the press.

I found this at the American Thinker:
Fitzgerald admission
In court proceedings Friday in a lawsuit by Dow Jones to unseal the eight redacted pages in the Judith Miller Appeal, the Special Prosecutor stated:

“After being served with the instant motion,the Special Counsel arranged for the classification review of the redacted portions of this Court ’s February 15, 2005 opinion by the relevant agency.Based on that review, it has been determined that the redacted pages contain no references to information that is classified as of November 30, 2005. Thus, the presence of classified information no longer provides a reason for maintaining the secrecy of the redacted pages.”
It looks like that there was no national security breach in the Plame case, regardless of Mr. Idler’s claim. It is so hard to see the truth when you are blinded by hate.

Full article here.

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