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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Global Warming Update: The Skeptical Environmentalist speaks again

With climate change in the news, Bjorn Lomborg has stepped back into the spotlight with a provocative new essay, The Relative Unimportance of Global Warming. Lomborg first created a controversy with his 2001 book, The Skeptical Environmentalist. How this essay published in the Phillipine Daily Inquirer, the Taipei Times and Korea Herald, is stiring up the global warming true beleivers. Full text here.

This from the TED blog.
Lomborg doesn't dispute the science of global warming, but he believes Kyoto-style attempts to cut carbon-dioxide emissions are misguided, and that funds are best invested elsewhere: both in solvable problems (HIV/AIDS, hunger, Malaria) and in research toward alternative energy. As he told us at TED2005, we must prioritize the world's problems, if we're going to solve them. And we should prioritize based on the effectiveness of the proposed solution. The Kyoto Protocol is inefficient and expensive, he says (and the Copenhagen Consensus -- a group of top economists, including 4 Nobel laureates -- backs him up).
Our legislaters should be paying attention. By implementing California’s version of Kyoto our legislators are wasting our tax dollars, our personal wealth, when they could be creating more jobs, protecting the enviroment, and developing alternative energy. Why are they so simple minded in their pursuit of Kyoto-style carbon reduction, when is produces so little results. My guess it is the same mind set as the leming running toward the cliff - - all the other leming are running in that direction.

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