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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Get your cave ready for occupancy

The Mercury News reports we are all in big trouble.

Six months ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made international news when he committed the state to meeting strict targets reducing greenhouse gases as a way to fight global warming.
A closer look at California's emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that scientists say cause global warming reveals that even under the best scenarios, California will miss Schwarzenegger's targets by a wide margin. According to a new report, the state will miss the goals by at least 21 percent by 2020 unless his administration and the state Legislature take sweeping new steps to cut California's use of gasoline in cars, natural gas in power plants and other fossil fuels."
It sounded good at the time. But, when we let out leaders make decisions based on junk science, we pay the price. Now California’s goverment leaders are in Montreal making more promises according to the LA Times
State Looks to Lead Pollution Fight
Breaking with the Bush administration, officials from California propose new fees on greenhouse gas emitters and call for use of alternative fuels.
Who is going to pay these fees, you are! All this economic pain is based on a pseudoscience of global warming.
The pseudoscientific fads of Official Climatology and Environmental Sciences
There is perhaps no clearer example of the arbitrary vagaries of mainstream peer-review and its promotion of non-scientific fads, driven by political and economic interests, than the recent promotion of the pseudoscientific myth of 'global warming', systematically accompanied by the recurrent fits of public hysteria it engenders amongst scientists, politicians, environmentalists (another type of politico), mainstream science journals and mass-media.

Fads of this type - the fear-mongering alarmist type - have become the mainstay of official mass-media and the object of sensationalistic 'science-journalism'. There's been a whole series of such fads associated with pseudo-scientific meteorology and climatology, that are cyclically promoted by syndicated news media and official or mainstream science publications.
More details here.

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