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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Covernor's greenhouse gas reduction plan -- plant trees?

From the Bee article on Governor's plan to reduce greenhouse gasses:
Other aspects of the plan presumably are less controversial. Few would argue, for example, against the value of planting trees.
Maybe his advisors should check out this study mentioned in the Friday Guardian:
Climate scientists could be about to give oak, ash and maple a bad name. They warn today that expanding forests in the temperate zones of Europe, the US and Asia could add to global warming. Johannes Feddema of the University of Kansas and six colleagues from the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research report in Science journal that they looked at changes in land use - the growth of cities, clearing of forests for agriculture, and draining of marshes - and their impact on climate change in the next 100 years. They confirmed something environmentalists have predicted for decades - the destruction of the Amazon forest would make the local climate 2C (4F) warmer because trees soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and burning them releases it. But then the scientists looked at temperate zones and found the opposite.
Yes, they found that planting trees in the temperate zones increases global warming. Just in case your are wondering, California is in the temperate zone. Someone might want let the Governor know his plan has a greenhouse gas emission reduction plans have few flaws.

Do you get the feeling the Governor and his staff are flying blind, using their emotions instead of their brains? With so little real knowledge about the impact of global warming, it is time for the Governor to take five and get beyond knee jerk emotions to some real world facts on the cause of global warming and the real world solutions.

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