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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Climate models vs real world ice core data

The ice caps of Antarctica have recorded the the earths temperature and the make up of atmospheric gases for thousands of years. The Vostok project revealed 440,000 years, East Antarctica's Dome Concordia ice core took us back 650,000 years, over the past four interglacials, the earliest of which is believed to have been nearly identical to the Holocene in terms of earth's orbit around the sun.

Both the Dome Concordia and Vostok data sets suggest that the peak temperature of the current interglacial is more than 2°C lower than the average peak temperature of the prior four interglacials. The earth's current temperature is still lower, than previous interglacials.

This conclusion was drawn by Sherwood and Idso, writing in CO2 Science.
In light of these several real-world observations, we conclude that if there is anything unusual or unnatural about earth's current climatic state compared to the climates of the past four interglacials, it is that it is so much colder in spite of there being so much more (dare we say incredibly more?) CO2 and methane in the air. Clearly, the planet's climate system is not operating the way the world's climate alarmists and politically-correct scientists claim it does.
The real world data over 650,000 years does not support the climate models currently being used by the California Legislatures and our Governor to force changes in our behavior. Changes that will have little or no impact global temperature change, but a big impact our our wallets. Why are we allowing this to happen?

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