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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Who watches NCTV? At what cost?

Dave Moller writes the Deal close with Comcast for NCTV local broadcasts, 22 November 2005.
The agreement calls for Comcast to give NCTV $50,000 per year for operations. It also has a grant provision where Comcast will give $30,000 to NCTV every two years if the station can raise the same amount.

Those monies coupled with the $50,000 per year brought in by show underwriting will add up to $130,000 annually, enough for NCTV to operate
Interesting, I hope part of the money is used to find out how may people really watch NCTV? What is the community getting for our money. Yes, our money! Comcast will just increase the cost of service to cover these investments.

So, how many people watch NCTV?

How much will the Comcast fees go up per month?

Is the programing worth the cost if you do not watch NCTV?

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