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Friday, November 04, 2005

The unintended consequences of homeless shelters

Brittany Retherford writes County's first homeless shelter to open, November 4, 2005
Churches work together to help during tough, cold winter months
I applaud the Churches and the people donating their time to help the homeless. However at the same time, I hope this warm hearted program does not encourage more homeless people to come to Grass Valley. This has been the experience in other communities with open arms to the homless. San Francisco let the world know it was a homeless friendly for a while, and the City became flooded with homeless, who use the streets and door ways for toilets. Soom the aggressive panhandlers were driving away the tourist.

We used to like going to the theater in San Francisco, but the streets are no longer safe. The last time we were there, the hotel recommend we take a cab to the therater even though it was only three blocks from the hotel. Going to breakfast the next morning, we had to step over homeless sleeping on the street, and the smell was overwhelming.

Let’s hope this program just helps the local folks, and does not attract homeless from across the region. We will soon know, once the word goes out that Grass Valley is a warm dry place to winter.

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