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Friday, November 18, 2005

Those "evil corporations" are us

Writers often damn those “evil corporation” in letters to the editor. This caught my eye this morning while reading Larry Kudlow’s Town Hall column:
The investor class continues to expand, according a recent survey, with nearly 57 million U.S. families now invested in stocks. This is an incredibly powerful force for capital formation, economic growth, and pro-capitalism politics. Twenty years ago only one-fifth of families owned shares. Now it’s three-fifths.
Remember, if not you, your neighbor could be benefiting from those “evil corporations.” I know we are enjoying the dividends and interest from our corporate investments. How about you?

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

Those corporate investments reduce everyone's growth and wages, inducing the working class to fight against their own best interests. We would all be better off without neo-liberal globalization and corporations. Growth is stagnating and wages are stagnating or in fact going down in real terms. More people are declaring bankruptcy than ever. It is a deeply inequal society.

Fri Nov 18, 11:57:00 AM PST  

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