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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Should we cut and run in Iraq?

Harold Blickenstaff wants to Stop the war now, November 3, 2005

He thinks our young men and women have died in vain for a war he considers illegal, thus we should cut and run. He thinks none of these noble objectives have been achieved, nor are they achievable. LetÂ’s do a progress check.
Think about it. The stated objectives of the war include:

1. To get rid of weapons of mass destruction
Out troops captured and remove 500 tons of uranium, that could be process for nuclear weapons. They collected thousands of gallons of cyclosarin (bug killer) stored in bunkers with shells and rockets capable of delivering the WMD. The only remaining step was to process the bug killer into sarin gas. Upon discovery the troops, and reporters with them, showed symptoms of sarin gas poisoning. No WMD here, it was just bug killer according to press reports. Satellite photos showed truck convoys to Syria as the war got started, we do not know what those truck carried, but some evidence points to WMDs. Had Turkey allow a northern front we might know what was in those trucks.
2. To end or reduce the threat of terrorism
The world is a bit safer with Libya turning in its nuclear weapons, including the work his scientist were doing for other nations, maybe even Iraq. I would say that this is a reduction in the global threat. The terrorist money sources has been disrupted, by their own admission. I would say these actions reduced the global threat. Also, bin Laden's lieutenants responsible for bombings around the world are being captured and jailed, farther reducing the threat. I wonder what the writers vision of success might be. Being called to prayer five times a day?
3. To spread democracy
Has anyone noted the increased number of elections in the Mid East, including in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Iraq citizens braved gunners and bombers to vote at a higher rate than most US citizens, over 70 percent. I would say that democracy is catching on in the Mid East. Democracy is not instant potatoes, it must grow and be nurtured from a seed. We have planted the seed, but now this writer wants us to cut and run.
4. To stop the torture of political prisoners.
And what proof does the writer have that the US Military is torturing political prisoners as a matter of policy? Is it the newspapers? Some rogue solders in one cell block? I would want a little more proof than liberal newspapers, given their reputation for twisting the facts.
5. To make us feel more secure
I feel more secure because we are taking action. Look what happened in the 1990s under the Clinton Administration. Our troops cut and run in Somalia, we failed to act strongly when our ships and embassies were bombed. Thus Bin laden saw the US as weak, not strong enough to stand up to his ambitions. Now he knows better, and he is hiding under a rock in Afghanistan, short of money and recruits, according to recent letters by his lieutenants.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

Potentials WMDs are not exact WMDs. Pesticides in ammo dumps and uranium, and those were debunked myths, do not a weapons program make. Especially since many of those things were then looted by people who are REALLY dangerous. Even the Bush administration has conceded that there weren't WMDs, yet you continue to lie for them.

Libya had nothing to do with Iraq, but while Libya may be a slight improvement, the US has tanked the UN and the NPT, thus making it far more dangerous, as well as net increasing terror's long term capacities.

The increased elections were being fought for before the Iraq war and the Arab world overwhelmingly opposed it. Notice how the Iranian democrats LOST the election? Extremists have been emboldened and moderates discredited. And this is an unintentional consequence, if a consequence at all, as the US has never cared about democracy in the Middle East and does not care about it in Iraq.

Torture of prisoners is constant. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty and virtually every other independent group I'm aware of says abuses are going on. The ONLY question, Russ, is how deep the rot goes. You may note that the longer the torture continues the less plausible your garbage is.

You feel more secure, but you aren't. The Iraq war has established that the US will fight tooth and nail to retain its waning empire, and has put other countries on nuclear alert, making WMD conflict almost an inevitablity. Every day there is a chance that the Russian nuclear systems or the Chinese or the Koreans or we will break down and the world will end.

bin Laden doesn't care about US responses. They don't do anything to his organization. In fact, even conservative IR scholars can recognize that al Qaeda BENEFITS from heavyhanded US action.

All garbage, Russ. Conservatives may say it, but no one who actually is an expert on the topic agrees.

Thu Nov 03, 10:00:00 PM PST  
Blogger Frederic Christie said...

I may also note that the ENTIRE DISCUSSION is irrelevant to America's rights to be in Iraq. It has none. Ergo, it was never legitimate and must pullout.

Thu Nov 03, 10:00:00 PM PST  
Blogger Russ Steele said...


Lets have some facts on the debunked myths. Who did the debunking?

Oh, why bother, you have your mind made up. If a conservative writes, it is a myth, if the left write it is a fact.

Fri Nov 04, 08:41:00 PM PST  

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