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Monday, November 14, 2005

Peak Oil Update: Meeting Scheduled

Brittany Retherford writes, Author speaks on impact of 'peak oil', November 14, 2005
Event will offer options to relying on oil
I wonder what those options might be? I am reading The End of Oil, by and Paul Roberts has some insight into alternative energy sources that the peak oil folks might have over looked.

1) If we include tar sands as resources, the peak is multiple generations away. Long after most folks in Nevada County are history.

2) Does Nevada County have enough wind for wind farms. What do we do when the wind doses not blow?

3) Do we have enough space for solar farms? It takes thousands of acres of solar panels that are only 10 percent efficiency for a small city, requiring a huge over build.

4) How do we store wind and solar energy for days when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow?

I am not willing to invest $15.00 to be scared by bad science. If you go to the Peak Oil Meeting please ask why the Peak Oiler refuse to consider the tar sands in Canada and Venezuela, and the shale oil in the Western US as oil resources? I would really like to know the answer. At current rates global oil use rates we have enough for over 500 years.

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