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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More liberal revisionist history

Jack L. Sanchez in another socialist liberal rant Conservative policy failing, November 30, 2005
That conservative belief at work is what we all saw on television during the Katrina disaster. We saw conservative government paralyzed, incapable of acting. We saw the grinding poverty which is the result of conservative policy that benefits only the rich.
Really? I thought that Mayor Nagin was a liberal Democrat, who had hundreds of buses at his disposal and refused to take citizens to safety. I though that Governor Blanco was a Democrat liberal. She took 24 hours to decide if she would accept the President's offer of federal aid. During the 1990s under President Clinton, the environmentalists blocked improvements to the levees for ten years, and the Corps of Engineers finally gave up. The money for levee improvement went to other projects.
Conservative policy refuses to acknowledge something as basic as global warming.
Really? This from a Canadian blogger who attended a recent US Climate change conference:
One of the really nice things about this workshop is that it outlined the institutional structure of U.S. climate change research in a way that is difficult to appreciate otherwise. The Climate Change Science Program is a formal initiative that crosscuts agencies. It has a budget of about $2 billion per annum, with the major players being NSF, NOAA and NASA. All conference participants received a 200 page glossy report entitled “Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Climate Change Science Program for Fiscal Year 2006”, which included well-laid out financial tables showing expenditures across agency and other cross-classifications. No one can accuse the U.S. of not doing its share for climate research.
Scientists had predicted several category 5 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, but conservative policy weakened FEMA, refused to fund levee improvement and used the money to give tax breaks to the wealthy and fund the fraudulent and illegal Iraq War.
I suggest that Mr. Sanchez read the series article in the New Orleans Times-Picayune in the 1990s decrying that President Clinton and his administration reduced levee funding. They also document local corruption that siphoned money from the levee projects for casinos, airport and airplanes for the use by the levee boards, that managed the levees. All appointed by liberal Democrats.

Now we find out that the levee design was flawed? It must have been designed by conservative engineers if we swallow Mr. Sanchez’s rant, it must have been a conservative plot against the poor in New Orleans.

Has anyone noticed that under a Republican Governor in Mississippi the state was better prepared and did not have the criminal looting that took place in New Orleans.

UPDATE: Here is what those bad news conservative did for the economy: Over the past four years, the economy has posted the following real (i.e., inflation-adjusted) growth rates:

4.3 - Q3 2005
3.3 - Q2 2005
3.8 - Q1 2005
3.3 - Q4 2004
4.0 - Q3 2004
3.5 - Q2 2004
4.3 - Q1 2004
3.6 - Q4 2003
7.2 - Q3 2003
3.7 - Q2 2003
1.7 - Q1 2003
0.2 - Q4 2002
2.4 - Q3 2002
2.2 - Q2 2002
2.7 - Q1 2002
1.6 - Q4 2001

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