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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kyoto RIP

Canada is hosting a conference on the future of the Kyoto Protocol in Montreal. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is set to be the largest intergovernmental climate conference since the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997. It is interesting that Canada is the host, as Canada's record on meeting its Kyoto emission-reduction targets is currently 30% over target. The same can said of eleven EU countries which are over their Kyoto targets, some by over 30%.

On the other hand, as the BBC notes:
Although the US and Australia have pulled out of the Kyoto process, their emissions have risen less than some nations which remain within the treaty.
EnviroSpin Watch, Dr Philip Snott weights in with this:
Unfortunately, at Montreal, there will be an enormous amount of cynical hot air expended in 'praising' the long-moribund Kyoto corpse. Nevertheless, the Kyoto Protocol will be buried as surely as Caesar - "See what a rent the envious Canada [Australia, China, India, etc.] made" - and it is most unlikely that a Son of Kyoto will rise, ghost-like from the chilly grave. Indeed, the sooner we put a stone cap over this coffin, the better (now that's what I call 'capping' emissions).
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