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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just Enough in China - 2005

The emergence of China as America’s co-equal and its role in our future is one of the themes I will be returning to from time to time on this blog. We just got back from our first visit to China and it was a mighty experience. By way of background, my own model for how people organize new knowledge about something is like decorating a Christmas tree. The branches and how they are configured define the kinds of knowledge and their relationships in a way that lets one get their arms around the topic. Each decoration hanging on specific branch represents a piece of data, information, or knowledge that one has gathered about the subject. Without at least the beginnings of such a tree, it is difficult to acquire and/or retain anything new. Well, the trip to China demonstrated that I needed to do some work on my China tree before I could add the new stuff that we learned.

Our trip to the Middle Kingdom was on a tour sponsored by the Chinese government that departed from Vancouver. I took a bunch of pictures and kept a journal. On our way back I decided that the best way to summarize what I had learned was to write a little article and include some relevant pictures. The result is ‘Just Enough in China – 2005’ and its title becomes clear from the reading. You can download the 350KB PDF file here.

My wife Jo Ann wanted me to include more of the human experiences and impressions, but the piece started getting long and so I invited her to handle that end in a future contribution – there are some important insights from that quarter also. My attempt is to communicate the high hard ones on what’s happening in China and let the reader conclude how it will affect all of us during the next couple of decades. Some call this the geo-strategic viewpoint. Well, whatever it is, I am still too gentle and don’t think I match the mettle of the message that we need to hear. But there will be future opportunities for me to measure up. Enjoy and let me know your take on the subject.

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