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Monday, November 07, 2005

Joseph Wilson self promoting liar

Susan Murphy buys in to Joseph Wilson lies is a An awful price, November 7, 2005
Please read Mr. Wilson's piece, "What I Didn't Find in Africa" (July 6, 2003, N.Y. Times) and decide for yourself if this is the kind of leadership you are willing to live with, and if so, then please ask yourself why? Sometimes the people you believe in really are not what you may have hoped.
And it certainly is not as Mr. Wilson wrote in the NY Times
When he returned from Niger, Mr. Wilson was not required to write a report, but rather merely to provide an oral briefing. That information was not sent to the White House. If this mission to Niger were so important, wouldn't a competent intelligence agency want a thoughtful written assessment from the "missionary," if for no other reason than to establish a record to refute any subsequent misrepresentation of that assessment? Because it was the vice president who initially inquired about Niger and the yellow cake (although he had nothing to do with Mr. Wilson being sent), it is curious that neither his office nor the president's were privy to the fruits of Mr. Wilson's oral report.
You can find the rest of the story in this Wall Street Journal Article by Victoria Toensing, who wrote the original legislation over outing CIA agents here.

UPDATE: The American Thinker has some great insight in the Wilson French Connection.

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