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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Do we want foreign nations funding local non-profits?

On the front page of the 25 November 05 Wall Street Journal:
"Putin backed a bill restricting the right of civil groups in Russia to get funding from abroad, vowing it would not damage civil liberties.”
Those following this latest blast across the bow of the Russian ship of state are aware of the outrage shown by many groups and countries worldwide. Before you and I join the barricades of the affected Russian civil rights groups, let’s consider the issue from the other side.

To what extent would we want civil rights groups in America to be enabled by foreign cash the source of which is either hidden to us or known to be unfriendly. Our country’s civil rights groups should represent the will and wealth of our citizens, especially if their agendas involve bringing about fundamental changes in our way of life. The power of such franchises in a democracy should derive from internal sources and not be the conduit for a foreign fifth column. (BTW, for decades we have funded such groups in other countries. The CIA and other government departments have often been the money sources. You can bet that each such dollar went overseas with its ‘owner’s manual’ firmly enclosed.)

What if the Inter-galactic Brotherhood of Muslims, headquartered in some Islamic country, started supporting the newly organized American Wahabis for Justice. As IBM money - gathered from diverse mid-eastern sources - poured in, the country would begin to see all kinds of ads, talk shows, news reports, high school programs, demonstrations, law suits, … all designed to promote the ideals and goals for our country of Wahabi Islamists. We all know that money draws followers and shapes their attitudes. After a witnessing the early successes of the AWJ civil rights group and, say, noting the growth of Islamist ‘universities’ across the country drawing a large number of pre-educated young people, and seeing the money continue to pour in, what kind of response would we non-Wahabis have?

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