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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Comparing Gas Prices

Jon Heinrich is wondering about Fair gas prices?, I am wondering about his data, November 16, 2005
Once again the regional gas pricing structure leaves Nevada County out. Gas in Sacramento is $2.53 and in Reno is $2.58. The cheapest is $2.72 in Nevada County.
Really, On average Nevada’s gas prices are higher than California, they have risen faster and fallen slower than California’s. You can get the details here. Create your own comparision chart. On a trip this summer we waited to top off our tank in Reno, and were surprised the diesel prices were higher than in Nevada City.

By the way, the cheapest local gas yesterday was in Yuba City at $2.17 a gallon. Reno gas was $2.69 yesterday. Local regular gas was $2.67 a gallon at most stations according to the price tracking widget on my Mac laptop. You can compare gas prices across the nation at the GasBuddy.

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