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Sunday, November 20, 2005

CCAT spreading misinformation

The Citizens Concerned about Traffic (CCAT) is circulating a November 2005 memo that makes it clear they do not understand the Regional Mitigation Fee Program and how it works. Here are some examples for their memo:
Additionally, the amount of mitigation fees collected should address the issues of on-going increases of construction costs and future maintenance.
It is against the law to use mitigation fees for maintenance.
If one simply adds up the estimated project costs for all the traffic improvements necessary to address existing and projected stressed roadways and intersections it is easy to quickly come to a figure in excess of $100 million.
You cannot require development pay for existing deficiencies.
The formula for developing traffic mitigation fees consists of determining: the cost of needed capital projects associated with new developments (and the maintenance after traffic projects are completed);
You cannot use mitigation fees for maintenance, it is against the law.
Then there are the improvements necessary to support the SDAs, such as the proposed Crestview Interchange and its associated linking roads to Allison Ranch and Freeman Lane areas ($70+M)
Again, the memo implies that mitigation fees will pay for the Crestview Interchange and the connecting roads. Not so, The developers must pay 100 percent. It is true the Dorsey Drive will be 47 percent funded by the mitigation fees, as development will impact this interchange, but 53 percent is to fix existing traffic problems. This 53 percent must come from the Federal and State highway budgets, which has been programmed.

It is clear from the memo, the CCAT is misleading the public with their ignorance of the AB-1600 and mitigation fee program. Disregard this flawed memo.

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