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Friday, November 25, 2005

A big welcome to George Rebane, his first post is on China

I hope that two writers with different views will increase the value of the blog for current and future readers. Two approaches to problem solving are always better than one. It will be also be nice to have some vacation coverage. Watch for more posts by George.

UPDATE: Bob writes about George China Report:
I wanted to thank George and you for this report and tell both of you how well I thought it was put together. It probably raises more questions with me than it answers but I do appreciate it and because it comes from someone a little more intimate than a TV talking head it carries much more weight with me. My first and primary thought is that I hope when George states "China as America's co-equal" I hope that it doesn't result in America becoming more socialistic than China becoming more capitalistic. And I still don't believe in the possibility of democratic communist capitalism.
Be sure to read George's report and let us know your thoughts.

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