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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Why newspaper readership is falling, lies on the front page

We have stopped taking the SF Chronical, except on Sunday, which we read with caution. Here is one reason why. They cannot be trusted to write the whole truth. Check out how they used a photo to misrepresent the facts here.

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Blogger Sherry said...

Let's face it, "news" falls under "entertainment" and A NEWSPAPER had better be able to deliver the latter. The Union is certainly not "representative" of fact, (why you choose to blog), so I'm guessing you're NOT HERE as an unbiased entity anymore than you're here to bad mouth the SF Chronical. Do you "fall back" on it BECAUSE The Union DOESN'T provide Sunday news? If you JUST NEED A NEWS FIX, try Jon Stewart---now THAT'S news worth watching!

Sat Oct 01, 11:35:00 AM PDT  
Blogger steve frisch said...

I don't see anything wrong with a youth expressing their constitutional right to free speech and doing it in coordination with others, even if they may be communists (which has not been demonstrated only infered by the yellow star of the back of the shirt and would not be illegal as every American has a right to their own free association and politcal thought).

As a matter of fact I do not think that this in any way changes the context of the message that the SF Chronicle is implied to have been delivering, that youth involvment in politics is good thing and should be celebrated.

What right do any of the posters here have to imply that their involvement is in any way inappropriate or misrepresented by the photo? The photo showed people involved in a protected right of free speech...saying 'we are youth and we are against war'...nothing more.

Commentators here have every right to say that the political philosophy represented by the shirt of the director of the group involvmed in the march is a failed philosophy, but you know no more about the young lady on the cover than a casual observeor on the street.

Sat Oct 01, 01:31:00 PM PDT  

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