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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We are winding up our vacation to the East.

Some observations to share.

The weather has been rain, rain, rain. We had only one sunny day. The rain has dampened the color of the foliage, we came to see. the Wind that followed the rain has stripped the leave off the top branches.

Boston has brick paths that cross the street, much like in Grass Valley, yet Boston's are clean and bright, not dull and dirty like those in Grass Valley as they were when we left earlier in the month. Maybe when the rains come and clean GV's crosswalks.

Bostonian’s do not return your smile on the street. More smiles in Grass Valley and Nevada City.

We took our usual pilgrimage to L.L. Bean in Freeport Maine. Toll attendant in Maine Turnpike was upset when I did not return her “good morning” promptly. More smiles in Maine, so we tried to smile more often.

Freeport is a small rural community that L.L. Bean made famous. It became a haven for outlet shoppers. However, this year there were far fewer outlets to shop in. This trend seems to have run its course. The L.L. Bean factory story, their own outlet was busy. We bought reject boat bags for our emergency response plan, which includes pre positioned containers for evacuation. Color coded bags, which to put important papers, photos and other critical items for rapid dispatch to an escape vehicle. Red for critical items, blue for vital, black for communications equipment, green for nice to have on the trip.

We should be back on our regular blogging schedule on Friday.

UPDATE: If you think that Grass Valley traffic is bad, come to Boston for a week. You will soon be looking forward to some slow traffic in Nevada County.

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