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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Technology impact on our future

To help local planners, community leaders, and active members of the community craft a workable vision of the Nevada County’s future, I will be doing some technology blogging for the rest of the year. I will link to sites which can provide some useful background information for planners and leaders. We will focus on technologies that could have an impact on Nevada County by 2020. Please question my assessment and provide your own insight.

From CNET:
By 2009, between 23 percent and 37 percent of wireless subscribers will use a wireless phone as their primary telephone, market researcher In-Stat said in a report published on Tuesday. Already, nearly 9.4 percent of wireless subscribers use wireless phones as their primary phone.
We are considering this at our house, along with a shift to using the Internet for our long distant phone calls. To make this workable in the County, service providers will need to put up many more cell towers, which can have an environmental impact, and an opportunity for leverage with the providers. Alos, increased connectivity reduces the need to get in your car and contribute to traffic congestion.
Jupiter Research has projected that voice over Internet telephony will grow to a subscriber base of 20.4 million in 2010 compared to 1.2 million in 2004. The market researcher defines broadband telephony as VoIP-based service that allows calls via the Internet from anyone with a phone. Jupiter Research said VoIP services offered by cable operators and startups are enhancing consumer awareness.
These two trends will have a major impact on SBC, our local line provider. Few phones and phone lines will reduce the taxes they collect for community services. Look at your phone bill and add up the taxes and fees, my long distant service fees are more than the phone charges. Internet phone services do not collect these taxes.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

I should also note that proper usage of telecommunications could allow us to transcend representative democracy and managerial capitalism.

Tue Oct 25, 11:35:00 AM PDT  

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