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Friday, October 28, 2005

Short sighted fear

Carrol Nast is Fearing the next attack, October 28, 2005
Having nuclear weapons benefits the weak, not the strong. Nukes can't stop a nuke attack or a car bomb. Many in the world have nukes, the capability, or the information to build them. And flying into a power plant only takes a plane. Since bin Laden has always done what he said he would do, it is not a matter if, but when he does it. Unless we regain control of our government and wage peace.
And how would we wage this peace? Get down on our knees and beg forgiveness for promoting freedom and self determination in the world. Should we announce our support the President of Iran who wants to sweep Israel into the sea? Should we withdraw from the Middle East and turn it over to the Islamic Fascists?

It is truly sad that this writer does not have a larger view of the world. The terrorist have been attacking the US long before 9/11. They continue to launch attacks on freedom in Spain, England and Indonesia, targeting Australians. Is the US the problem? I think it is radical Islam's desire to return to the 11th Century. In their eyes, waging peace would be a sign of weakness.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

One can hunt down folks like bin Laden the way one hunts down criminals: with good police work. One does not bomb their country, boost the membership and strength of their terrorist cells, then attack an unrelated country and give them access to stores of conventional arms and potentially WMD material. Everyone I've seen on the Left says this, but you like beating up strawmen, I guess.

But in any respect, nuclear weapons don't have anything to do with the rest of your tirade, and in fact our nuclear posture is not only dangerous in itself but, because it violates the NPT, justifies and practically forces proliferation from other countries. Not to mention its practical scrapping of the CWC, BWC, and CTBT.

Sun Oct 30, 01:23:00 PM PST  
Blogger Frederic Christie said...

A "sign of weakness", whatever that means, is far better than a sign of total idiocy, as we continue to benefit al Qaeda beyond their wildest dreams. Of course radical Islamist groups like al Qaeda will always do what they try to do. That has NO RELEVANCE, which is why the right constantly says it (good soundbites ain't arguments, but they're good soundbites), to how expansive that Islamist network will be and how much the cycle of violence will continue.

Sun Oct 30, 01:25:00 PM PST  

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