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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On the road

Dateline Burke VA, we have arrived.

I was trying to recall today, when flying ceased to be an adventure and become an ordeal. Ellen’s center seat would not recline. My aisle seat was so close to the one in front of me, it was impossible to open the computer, and still see the screen. When the occupant in front of me reclined his seat, I could see the pores in his bald spot. My plan was to answer some of the letters to the editor in Tue’s Union, which I down loaded at SFO early this morning. So, I spent the five hours catching up on back issues of Science and the New Scientist to avoid looking at the bald spot. Some interesting stuff, including multiple references about global warming and hurricanes in both. All studies with timelines too short to be meaningful. Studie we have already debunked in items below. More on this issue latter, and some interesting items from my science readings tomorrow.

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