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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nevada City Office ban a smoke screen?

Becky Trout writes about "Broad Street offices face ban", Nevada City looks at 45-day restriction of first-floor offices
The city's sales tax receipts are dropping while its expenses continue to rise, the ordinance states.
A very interesting admission. Could it be that it is fewer tourists are the cause, not offices on Broad Street? What could be the cause for fewer tourists?

1) California’s fascination with Nevada City has run its course? They have bought all the ticky tacky tourist fodder they need?

2) Could it be that increases in fuel costs are keeping tourist closer to home, with fewer dollars to spend on tourist ticky tacky?

I vote for a combination of both. With more household money going to fuel costs, families have less to spend on ticky tacky and a motor trip to Nevada City for the weekend. When you have a one pony tourist business base economic down turns can have a short term impact, which can become long term if fuel prices remain high A balanced economy, with more stores that sell products people need, or manufacture products which are exported to other communities, the city would have more tax dollars in the coffers.

In fact, the whole County is in economic jeopardy, as more and more manufacturing moves offshore. Design Centers and Corporate headquarters do not generate any sales tax. While it is true these facilities have high paid employees, it is also true that many choose to shop in Roseville where selection, prices, and service are superior. If Grass Valley (former GV Group), were to move video component manufacturing off shore, Nevada City would be in serious economic trouble. So much trouble, that having offices on Broad Street would be a very small issue. Think about it! Is this a real issue or a smoke screen?

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Blogger Bo Salisbury said...

Yeah, the whole "shop at home" notion is irrelevant when talking about Nevada City... I like the shops, I like the shop owners (known some for 25 years), love the look of the place, but how many pairs of leather chaps, bottles of wine, candles or pieces of African art can the average person buy? On the other hand, I used to make both large and small purchases at Alpha Hardware. I could get a haircut every couple of weeks and prescriptions at Dickerman's Drug...

Sat Oct 15, 03:31:00 PM PDT  

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