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Sunday, October 09, 2005

More Emgold home work needed.

Mike Pasner thinks that Jeff get's a D, but he does not do his own home work very well, October 8, 2005

Lets look at Pasner’s arguments:
A million square foot ceramics factory accompanies this mine.
Sounds like a huge building, but it is just a building 500 wide, 2,000 long, or 1,000 by 1,000.
125 fully loaded semi trucks will get on the highway in Grass Valley, daily.
Yes, they will replace all those timber haulers and lumber trucks that uses to support the local economy. About 5 trucks an hour over a 24 hour period, wow, we see that many on the freeway now. But, we will not see that level of traffic until full scale operation. Emgold will not be in full operation for 10 years, by then SR-49 be improved with five lanes. Some trucks will will use SR-20, east and west. Most trucks will use the roads at night, going unnoticed by most citizens.
This would be the only mine in the city limits in California.
So what? Grass Valley has had mines with is the city limits, in the past, and it did not destroy the city.
The factory would use more natural gas than Nevada County currently uses.
Nevada County only has a limited natural gas distribution system. Most homes use propane. Many would use natural gas it was available.
The mine/factory would be right below our hospital
Why is this a problem? The letter writer does not explain.
Dynamite will be trucked in to Grass Valley and used daily?
The old Alpha Hardware in Nevada City was one the largest distributor of dynamite in the western United States, from Arizona to Idaho. Millions of pounds of dynamite were transshipped through Nevada County, without any problems. All the mines in the area used dynamite, which was stored in “powder houses,” most are still standing. Why is this a problem?
Pumping tunnels may affect wells.
True, but the mine owners have agreed to bring NID water to anyone who loses a well.
These tunnels may contain sulfides, arsonic, mercury, cyanide and methalated mercury.
If they do, all those people with wells that are going to go dry up had better be using bottled water. The water can be treated before before being dumped into Wolf Creek.
Emgold is a penny stock. Often penny stocks disappear.
Many existing local business started small and grew larger overtime. Some succeeded while others fails. What makes this operation any different?
Who would benefit from this giant factory, Grass Valley or the mines home town of Vancouver, Canada?
The mine and ceramics factory will produce 400 well paying manufacturing jobs that cannot be outsourced to India and China. Or, to Nevada, Michigan, or New York, that have recently captured manufacturing jobs from Nevada County These mining and manufacturing jobs are tied to the Idaho Maryland mine and Grass Valley. Emgold jobs will produce millions in the local economy when employees spend money for services, and when Emgold buys local products and services.

CSUS Chico has done an economic study, which is available to the public. I suggest some more home work by Mr. Pasner.

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