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Friday, October 28, 2005

More comments on the SDA Study nay sayers

In discussing of the SDA study last night it was reveled the pent-up housing demand was significantly higher than represented in the study. The contractors did a housing needs survey, but they decided to remove the number people who could not afford a house from the demand figures. Grass Valley has hundreds of renters. They rent because the wages paid by local business are not high enough to buy a home. This unmet housing demand which was not considered in the SDA economic study.

After we heard about those who could not afford a home, and how they were removed from the study, we listened to a plethora of folks, from multiple environmental organizations oppose the annexations and subsequent housing developments. Developments that the property owners claim will include affordable housing.

This morning as I pondered last nights discussion, this story popped up in my browser:
No-growth policies of environmentalists help drive up housing costs, says Berkeley non-profit
If the no-growthers prevail, the cost of housing will climb even higher. More families will be pushed into the unaffordable category by these environmentalist, and many unfortunate familes will be tossed aside, not worthy of consideration in future economic discussions.

The full story on how environmentalist, like those speaking at the SDA meeting, are driving up housing cost can be found here.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

You make an artificial and highly disingenuous distinction, Russ. You attack low-income housing, then attack ecological initiatives on the grounds that it will raise property values. Might I be smelling a whiff of L'eau Contradiction?

There is no necessary contradiction between making people pay the full social costs of their consumption choices and social justice. Indeed, both can be solved through the same mechanism: overturning capitalism.

Wed Nov 02, 10:02:00 PM PST  

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