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Sunday, October 09, 2005

More climate change hysteria debunked.

The global warming argument continues, with scientists agreeing the world is getting warming, but they cannot agree on why (See post on sun reflection below). Yes Arctic glaciers are melting, and more ground is thawing in the arctic. The question are: Is this global warming, or regional warming? Is it a short term trend or a long trend?

Mr. Christie suggested an article by Mike Davis in Z-Magazine, who writes that global warming is melting the arctic icc and we are at a tipping point. A tipping point which could put the world on a run away global warming train. A train that that will bring deserts to New England and tropical rain forests to northern Canada. Climate change hysteria?.

NBC reports this is the warmest arctic summer in 400 years. Disregarding the fact we do not have a 400 year record of arctic temperature, and that the existing record shows that in 1952 it was as warm as 2005. Why does the media only pick segments of the historical record that fits their agenda? More climate change hysteria?

We are DOOMED by Bushies, is the current agenda. Mike Davis writes: . . . Bushite flat-Earthers and shills for the oil industry . . .

Why is the media so focused on the Arctic? If it ware truly global warming we would expect to see the same at the other pole. Which in fact is the exact opposite. Sea ice is increasing in the Antarctic according the the trend analysis on the The National Snow and Ice Data Center’s web site. This raises some serious questions about the impact of global warming on the loss of sea ice. We do not hear about the growth in Antarctic sea ice, because it does not fit the global warming hysteria agenda.

For those interested in tipping points in the climate system Roger Pielke, Climate Science, has a well thought out discussion here, especially the impact of regional arctic sea ice melting.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

Russ, your analysis is, as usual, desperately simplistic. Let's say this again, as you haven't rebutted it before: Gloabl warming is complex. It can even lead to localized COOLING or freezing pressures. But you're simply wrong. describes melting. A Google search will yield dozens of results. They may be right or wrong, but this isn't a revealing concession, and you are being disingenuous in claiming so without citing sources.

Sun Oct 09, 10:15:00 PM PDT  

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