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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do not get your way the first time, try, try, try again!

The Grass Valley City Council has already accepted the SDA Study on a 3/2 vote, which we have commented on here, here and here. Now the City Council has scheduled ANOTHER special meeting to re-review acceptance of the study and launch a public review. Here is the agenda:
Agenda for a Special Meeting of the Grass Valley City Council on November 1 at 5:30 pm in the council chambers, Grass Valley City Hall, to clarify the action on the "Grass Valley Economic and Fiscal Conditions Study" aka the Special Development Area (SDA) study and to provide staff with initial expectations and direction for a desired public outreach program.


1.0 Call to Order - Pledge of Allegiance - Roll Call

2.0 "Economic and Fiscal Conditions Study" (aka SDA Study) dated September 8, 2005 and prepared by Applied Development Economics.

RECOMMENDATION: Accept the Study as an informational document, provide for a 30 day public comment period, direct consultant / staff to respond to all submitted comments and prepare a timely addendum that includes all comments and responses for submission and acceptance by Council when complete (voice vote).

3.0 Desired Public Outreach Program for consideration of the SDAs

RECOMMENDATION: Provide Council's initial expectations and direction to staff on the desired public outreach program.

4.0 Public Comment
There is a time limitation of three minutes per person.

5.0 Adjourn

Here is the problem. These public out reach meetings were requested by all those that spoke at the original meeting, most against. They all want to shape the SDAs to fit their vision for Grass Valley. The problem is they all have a different vision. At each level in the process is an opportunity for public input, especially during the Environmental Impact Report, the EIR. But, the nay sayer strategy is to attack the SDAs at every level, requiring public meetings following every report, every phase of the development process. Their goal is to slow the process, shape the out come until the project meets their vision.

All this is highly unproductive. Why not define a vision for the all of Western Nevada County, then build that vision. If we allow the nay sayers, the no-growther, the neighborhood stasis advocates to prevail, they will continue to attempt to push their vision in these public meetings, and more public meetings, as they brow beat the City and the County into submission. By the way, at great cost to the tax payers, in staff time, consultants time and the publics time, as we grapple with the multiple visions they are promoting. Remember, those who support the SDA developments did not speak. So far we have only heard one side of the vision.

Now if we had a community vision we could all agree on , the stasis crowd, the moderate economic growth crowd, the we want a Wal-Mart crowd, you name your favorite crowd, we could shorten the whole process. We could cut down down on the cost, reduce the number of public meetings, and we can all be working toward a common goal. What a concept!

We cannot continue this unproductive process of trying to shaping the community vision in public meetings, and more public meetings, at every phase of the SDA process.

What do you say?

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