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Friday, October 28, 2005

Correction to SDA Meeting Post

Steve Enos e-mailed me to point out that using following statement to summarize the presentations, I misrepresented Grass Valley neighbors position.
"We heard why growth is bad for Grass Valley from: Grass Valley Neighbors.... "
Steve attached the letter he read “word for word” at the meeting to his e-mail. A pdf copy is here.

My apology to the Grass Valley Neighbors, for painting with too broad a brush.

That said, GVN letter calls for a long public review of the study which, was prepared by professionals using state and federal data with a clear explanation of the process and the assumptions which were worked out during the study phases with the Council and Staff. According to the Contractors only three assumption remained: 1) State and Federal data is correct. 2) The past rates of City population and job growth ratios in reference to the County, will remain constant over the next 17 years. 3) That only 70 percent of infill land for housing can be built on. I am not sure how extensive, and costly, public meetings will change these assumptions enough to impact the results.

The main benefit of this study is to establish benchmarks for evaluating future proposals by the SDA developers. Moving this bench mark one tenth, one way or the other, will not make the benchmark any more accurate. Yet, the continual fiddling with this study wastes time and tax dollars.

I will agree that more study is needed. Nothing was said about market forces. The assumption was made that all business buildings, manufacturing and retail, would be fully occupied at the end of 17 year study period. This assumption needs to be looked at in reference to the global market place. Most manufacturing is morving off shore. This globalization issue was brought up by a Doctor commenting on the study. She had some of the more insightful comments.

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