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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Be careful what you sign up for

Jack L. Sanchez looking for a Second revolution? October 29, 2005
That serendipitous feeling in the air? A Second American Revolution is coming ... against the madness of King George.


That happy feeling in the air is you can be one of the Second American Revolution's Founding Fathers.
I did some research on this new revolution here. Here is what the Revolution leaders suggested the Democratic party should do to implement their revolution:
Here are specific actions that Democrats for Democracy could champion:

* replace the Electoral College with the popular vote
* stop federal corporate welfare and subsidies through the tax code and regulations
* use state and federal Clean Money/Clean Elections campaign financing
* remove constitutional protections and human rights for corporations
* seek news media reforms to better serve the public interest, including reinstating the Fairness Doctrine and the News Distortion Rule
* put the League of Women Voters or the Citizens’ Debate Commission in charge of presidential debates
* open up televised debates to all candidates for elected office
* promote None of the Above options on ballots
* create a federal ballot initiative or national referendum process
* expand state ballot initiative options
* withdraw from international trade agreements that remove the sovereignty of Americans and their local, state and federal governments
* prevent and reverse gerrymandered congressional districts
* eliminate the small state bias and advance regional thinking by providing for one U.S. Senator per state and 10 at-large Senators for each of five geographic regions with populations of at least 50 million
* allow foreign born persons with at least 20 years of citizenship to be president
* criminalize use of false and misleading information in political campaign activities
Are you up for criminalizing politics? If we go that far, let's put all letter writer who distort the truth in jail as well.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

"Criminalizing politics" is such a funny word. "Criminalizing crime" is accurate. Yes, DeLay's activities are political. And also criminal. No contradiction. Yet others, even Repubs, aren't being indicted. By sheer logic, crime is the issue. There is a degree of hypocrisy shown by the CNN-class of liberals who decry how terrible DeLay is and then ignore that he really is only an inch from the constant money laundering that occurs thanks to our election laws and deeply inequal corporate society, but hey, liberals are hypocrites. We knew this.

All of those proposals sound to me like making politics synonymous with democracy rather than occasionally and accidentally related.

Sun Oct 30, 02:50:00 PM PST  

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