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Friday, September 30, 2005

Which commission?

Sally Price, is worried about "Traffic solutions?," September 30, 2005
The commission is not much better sometimes seeking small sanctions to make it look good but ultimately rubber stamping a big yes on every application that appears before them, while providing no concrete long term traffic solutions, budgets, or schedules.
Not sure which commission Ms Price is talking about, but the Nevada County Transportation Commission oversees a regional transportation plan, which has budgets and schedules. The NCTC developed with the cities and county a regional mitigation fee ot insure new development pays its fair share. Unfortunately most of the funding comes from the State which has short funded the County for four years, paying off the overspending by the legislature. NCTC Commissioner Tim Brady, encouraged the cities and the county to develop short term low cost solution almost a year ago. Long for for CCAT got into the act. It is unfortunate that city and county government bureaucrats moves so slow. We on the Commission continue to push for faster action on critical projects.

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