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Sunday, September 25, 2005

What the hell?

What is going on at the Union? Pat Butler, the editor, posts a teasers on his web log to an a Other Voices, by Grass Valley Mayor Tassone. Yet the online version does not appear on the Union Web site, nor any of the other letters to the editor. I post to the Editors Blog, chiding them for not posting the online version, and asking who is responsible for the web site on the week ends. No answer, my post just disappears. The web log comments would not let me log in as Russ, and I had to post anonymously, but I put my e-mail address in the post. No responded to the comment or to the e-mail. Maybe on Monday?

In the mean time Anna, at NCFocus, has some interesting comments on The Union Blog.

What is your experiences? Is the new blog an improvement? Who cares?

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