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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Time for an assessment

Every morning for a year I have log in to The Union web site and read the opinion column, to see what is on peoples mind, and do a little fact checking. When traveling I try to stay at hotels or camp grounds with Internet access, so I can read The Union, get my e-mail and post on this blog.

After a year of reading the opinion column, I now recognize most of the regular letter writers and can predict the Bush haters, the no-growthers, and the general whiners message before I read their latest screed. Yes, there are also regulars with a positive message.

I am rethinking the content and direction of this blog and would like your input. The readership continues to grow with the current content, but some readers are unhappy. Some regulars comment, but more commentaries would move the conversation forward. I recognize that Blogger does not have a user friendly interface for commenting, and I am considering a change services. In addition, I have invited a friend to share his thoughts as a guest poster, giving a broader perspective to the blog.

A regular reader wrote this week he had dropping me off his favorites list, due to my constant “Pro Bush 'The Perfect’ attitude” which is overwhelming my local perspective. He was happier when I focused on local issues. Since I respond mostly to local letters to the Editor, that raises a question? Is Bush bashing by the regulars a local issue? They consumes about one third of the letters to the editor. Should I just ignore these letter writers, who often twist the fact to fit their goals?

I think that growth is a local issue. The potential economic impact of legislation based on junk science is a local issue. Economic development is a local issue. Traffic congestion is a local issue. Education is a local issue. The misuse of statistics to promote a local political agenda is a local issues. What other issues do you consider local?

I would like to hear from you, where should we focus our energy in the coming year? Please send me an e-mail, or just post a public comment.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

If your readership asks that you focus on local issues and you want to be responsive to local issues, perhaps you should practice what Buddhists call the "will to not respond", actually harder (especially for politically-minded folks like you and me) to do than to say something. Not that I mind the national coverage.

I must admit the Union letters tend to be very predictable, not raising nuanced issues and arguments. That is, of course, true of both sides, and I invite you to look for citations in the right letters and the left ones. I imagine you'll find as I did that the right letters seem to imply that even raising these topics is beyond the pale (a classic strategy used by liberal and conservative mainstream/dominant individuals alike).

Sat Sep 10, 04:29:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Wayne said...

I like your blog pretty much as it is. The Bush haters hate anything which doesn't make Bush look bad. I really don't care what they think. I've become convinced that liberalism is a mental illness and they must be contered daily to keep it from spreading.

Sat Sep 10, 05:51:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Frederic Christie said...

I'm a Bush hater. And yet I regularly critique fellow leftists as well as progressives and liberals for overstating Bush's impact and understating others' impact, as does Chomksy et al.

You've become convinced that liberalism is a mental disease, hmm? By what psychological merit? Has this observation been published in a peer reviewed medical journal? Or is this merely an attempt to coopt medical rhetoric to justify closed-mindedness and intolerance, much like a Nazi would do, in defiance both of logic and of morality?

Sat Sep 10, 09:35:00 PM PDT  

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