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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thoughts on community volunteer firings

Terry Lamphier discusses his firing in an "Other Voices: A few comments on ‘yesterday’s news’," September 17, 2005

After my firing, I was very tempted to take the low road and, using the city’s own documents regarding procedures and Code of Conduct, systematically take apart the City Council and the planning commission chair’s behavior, process, arguments and conclusions resulting in my firing. I will simply leave it at that:

a) it would be easy to do and:

b) the Council took the best action that they could — allowing me my “day in court” would have been even more damaging to them than the action they took of denying me due process and;

c) these people know what they did (look at additional information about the situation at The Union’s Web site or simply look at the Council tape and observe the body language of the Council members who voted me off). They will have to live with it — and my conscience is clear.

I have had many disagreements, in this blog and in a string of Other Voices, over the years with Terry and his antigrowth agenda. He often got his facts twisted, or ignored the facts on how over time people act, vice how he would like them to act. This is especially true in regards to public transportation, dependence on bike trails by a seniors, and the need for auto parking to service the thousands living in the county. He seemed to be more of an obstacle than an working team member. We do not need a commissioner with an agenda, other than a commitment to serve the people of Grass Valley.

However, I know how Terry feels having once been fired in the 1990 from the Transportation Commission on trumped up conflict interest charges by Supervisors. We both served at the pleasure of the board. A simple letter thanking us for our services, and the board would like a new replacement would have done the job. But, boards and councils seem to need public justification for their action. So the kabuki dance they go through for public consumption, before dismissing community volunteers. I vowed to come back, so can Terry.

I look forward to Terry’s future Other Voices, so the public can see the thinking of no-growthers in the community. It is unfortunate nogrowth resistance is more about what they do not want in the community, vice a vision for the kind of community we would like to build over the next twenty years. We truly need a grand vision beyond the General Plan, a vision we can build to, rather than a binder of restraining rules.

I agree with Terry on one thing. Get involved!

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