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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A NIMBY Speakes

Edward Szymanski whines Jeff’s Column unfair, without offering any alternative solutions, September 6, 2005
Jeff Ackerman, in his column of Aug. 30 disparaged those who would oppose the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine by referring to such naysayers as "the ones who never seem to know what they like, or want, but can certainly tell you what they don't." In that spiteful, bias-laden little remark, he implied that there could be no valid, legitimate reasons for opposing the mine, and that those who would oppose do so out of some sort of muddleheadedness or orneriness. Mr. Ackerman undermines fair discourse on an extremely important matter by his nasty attempt to demarcate opposing views into two adverse camps.
Now tell me again, why should the mine not be opened. In the Union Editorial today, the editorial board wants a policy to save more jobs from being outsourced. Well, the mine will produce 400 jobs that cannot be outsourced. They are tied to the mine, and the gold in the ground. Many of our local manufacturing jobs can be outsourced, and over the next twenty years will be as Western Nevada County is integrated into the global economy. Preserving these manufacturing jobs will be vital to our future economic wellbeing.

Without whining, just the facts now, tell me one more time why the mine should not be opened?

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

There was a very good commentary on the mine showing that in fact the ecological data produced by the company was full of holes and that the social impact will be very dangerous. But the point the commentator made, Russ (and I don't agree with it - I thought Ackerman's commentary was very well-reasoned, even though he concluded in a way I would not), is that Ackerman implied that no rational resistance to the mine was possible.

Tue Sep 06, 12:58:00 PM PDT  

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