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Friday, September 02, 2005

More on the blame game.

If New Orleans had started fixing the flood control problem in 1995, under President Clinton, they would be ten years into a 20 year fix it program.

EU ROTA found this on Nexes-Lexus when answering Mr. Sidney Blumenthal finger pointing at the Bush Administration.
February 17, 1995

An Army Corps of Engineers "hit list" of recommended budget cuts would eliminate new flood-control programs in some of the nation's most flood-prone spots - where recent disasters have left thousands homeless and cost the federal government millions in emergency aid.

Clinton administration officials argue that the flood-control efforts are local projects, not national, and should be paid for by local taxes.

Nationwide, the administration proposes cutting 98 new projects in 35 states and Puerto Rico, for an estimated savings of $29 million in 1996.

Corps officials freely conceded the cuts, which represent only a small portion of savings the corps ultimately must make, may be penny-wise and pound-foolish. But they said they were forced to eliminate some services the corps has historically provided to taxpayers to meet the administration's budget-cutting goals.
(Emphasis added)

It does not get any better for New Orleans flood control during the Clinton Admionistration. Check out the rest of the story at here:

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Blogger Sherry said...


HALLIBURTON GETS HURRICANE CONTRACT.....ummm, you know, the "no-bid" kind.

Are we surprised?

Your "take", your turn...

Fri Sep 02, 04:16:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Russ Steele said...


I was in the AF and a defense contractor. In both cases I was in volved with time and material contracts. Companies bid on these T&M contracts. There was no job at the time the contract was let, only a list of capabilites the Gov could use should they need company services. Halliburton has bid on, and won T&M contracts. So, when the Gov. needs the kind of service they issue a work order under the T&M contract. These are often labeled in the press as no-bid contracts. Just a little investigation would reveal the facts, but the press is too lazy or have an agenda. Get the facts folks on government contracting, before you jump on Halliburton or any other holder of Goverment T&M Contracts.

Fri Sep 02, 04:38:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Sherry said...

I understand time and material contracts, and along with others, question the appropriateness in this case. Yes, it's all painfully clear, the handwriting on the wall. It form fits other assumables---the almost top billing of Operation Blessing at the FEMA site---Pat Robertson, next in line behind the American Red Cross, just doing his part. FEMA's disclaimer wasn't really necessary, was it? The endorsement is obvious. I'm sorry, "monopolizing", (whether in contracts awarded or donations garnered), USED to be frowned upon. Neither Halliburton OR Pat Robertson have records to support this agreed upon behaviour, the treating of them like they're the only game in town.
In the meantime: Millions upon millions of dollars are being pled for and pledged across the country---every man, woman and child urged to give till it hurts. They're giving NOW and they've been urged on a DAILY BASIS for years to DONATE, CONTRIBUTE, SUPPORT. Interestingly, I've not heard even ONE REPORT of another country stepping to the plate in NOLA's behalf. Are the offers just not pouring in, OR, is it possible that they're being rejected? Is it possible to "get the facts" on where we REALLY stand in the eyes of the world?

Fri Sep 02, 10:10:00 PM PDT  

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