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Thursday, September 01, 2005

It is all about accountability

Comments on The Union's Friday editorial. Pat Butler, the editor, posted and early copy on his Weblog.


Apparently there is only one Rudy Giuliani. As Mayor of New York he demanded accountability of city employees and the police in his city. Under his leadership, overall crime came down 57%, murder was reduced by 65%, and New York City - once infamous around the world for its dangerous streets - was recognized by the F.B.I. as the safest large city in America.

When 9/11 happened, Rudy Giuliani proved himself to be a true leader, rallying the troops and giving directions. Unfortunately New Orleans does not have a Giuliani to provide the needed leadership. When Rudy spoke, the New York citizens listened. When the New Orleans mayor spoke, only a few listened and left the city. They refused to be accountable.

Corruption was, and is, rampant in New Orleans. It has became an way of life, and people looked the other way, is was the Big Easy. Now the long ignored criminal element is roaming the streets and firing on rescue helicopters and boats. Accountability is not a part time effort, it is a full time leadership position. It is also a full time citizens responsibility. When we do not demand accountability of our leaders and our neighbors, we can expect negative results when society is stressed during a crisis, natural or man made. Our social infrastructure starts to unravel. Thus, in my estimation the problems we see being played out in New Orleans is the lack of accountability at all levels of government and society.

Gas prices are due to the lack of refining capacity. We let the environmentalist, the NIMBs, and the legislature block the creation of more refining capacity in California. We let this cabal make the development of refining capacity an unacceptable financial risk for oil companies. At the same time we continued to buy larger vehicles that meet our families needs for safety and increased utility. We were being accountable to our first responsibility -- our families. However, we forgot to think about the second and third levels of accountability. If we wanted larger less fuel efficient vehicles, then we should have demanded increased refining capacity. We should have held our legislators accountable for increased refining capacity and lower fuel prices. Quite frankly, higher fuel prices are our own fault. So, let’s be accountable and stop pointing fingers by electing representatives that are accountable to our families needs, not to highly vocal minorities with a junk science agenda.

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Blogger Frederic Christie said...

This cabal? Honestly, do you imagine that environmental groups, with their limited operating budgets, have anything like the clout with Senators, even in California, that oil companies do? Most of the time when there is a battle to stop a refinery, oil companies win. A few times, luckily, environmentalists stop such extraction, but notice how you just prima facia assume away that the cost to the environment may be larger than the worth of the gas extracted.

The reason why New Orleaneans didn't leave the city isn't because they're "unaccountable", Russ (and this is blatantly racist garbage), but because they were far too poor to have the means to leave, the means to be prepared to leave (i.e. TV, Internet, radio, etc.; my sister, a white woman with all those things, didn't hear about the hurricane until several days into it, despite it being blasted all over national news), etc. They had no car like the affluent whites who could indeed drive out, and if they left, where would they go? What hotel could they get into? And so on.

I think in New Orleans a lot more than "accountability" problems are being played out. When a major catastrophe happens, you get crime and looting. It just occurs. Yes, it's a tragedy, though note that the majority of the looting has been for food, water and other essentials. Our free market priorities show very strongly here.

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