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Monday, September 12, 2005

Insight from American Thinker by Christopher Chantrill

Why spent billions on equiping First Responders, when they lack effective leadership, it is a waste of money.
There is no doubt that the Bush administration made a big blunder in its planning for hurricane Katrina. It had planned for hurricane relief in which FEMA assisted the state and local governments in getting help where it was most needed, based on the assumption that local resources could hang on until 72 to 96 hours after the disaster. That is why ever since 9/11 state and local governments have been showered with federal funding as First Responders.

Where the feds failed was in planning for another contingency, one that, in hindsight, any fool should have thought of. They should have planned for dealing with dysfunctional state and local governments that had utterly failed to prepare or to execute their disaster recovery plans, or both, but like dysfunctional families were world champs in the blame game.

But how would the feds know when a local government was dysfunctional? Here is a clue. When the local officials yell: Send everything, communicating that they haven’t a clue, you switch to Plan B. When they yell: The President doesn’t care about black/poor people, it is already too late.

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