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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How we spend our days online

From Poynter Online, Our Complex Media Day

"The introduction of the computer into the workplace also has created a whole class of multi-taskers," he said. "We thought young people would be better at multitasking, but computers have forced older workers to do more than one thing at a time to survive in the workplace."

Here are the overall amounts of media minutes spent per user per day according to the 5,000 hours of observations recorded by the project researchers:

Television: 240.9 minutes
Any computer use: 135.8 minutes
All Internet: 93.4 minutes
Radio: 80.0 minutes
Music [includes MP3 players]: 65.1 minutes
Phone, includes cell: 42.2 minutes
All print media: 32.8 minutes
All video [VCR and DVD]: 32.6 minutes
Newspapers: 12.2 minutes
Game console: 11.6 minutes

The number of hours spent online vice the number of minutes spent with the newspaper, does not look good for the future of newspapers. Many newspapers across the country are reducing staffs, as readers are using electronic media for their news and entertainment.

When blogging, it is often in front of the TV watching the news. Sometimes with the TV sound down, listening to music on Interent radio, all the while doing online research, writing or blogging. We often use two digital video recorders to time shift our satellite TV viewing, and use our XM radios when on the road to follow the news or listen to music without commercial interruption.

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