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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Contrary view in the blame game

Thomas Barnett takes a look at the Katrina's impact on his blog. Not sure I agree with every thing he writes, but he presents some thought provoking ideas. You can read the whole post here.
So much blame to go around

New Orleans is revealed, to no one's surprise, as a woefully loose-ruled environment barely managed by a corrupt, incompetent government.
UPDATE: Bob writes in an e-mail.
I don't have the time nor would I dedicate it to disassemble point by point this rambling diatribe of finger pointing with no material input. Written in true liberal style. He knows best about everything and is all seeing. But where is the Beef? Is he the one that was prepared and willing to issue the order "Shoot On Sight"? In real time I suspect Barnett would be the first to cower and disappear behind some building. I always take a persons criticism with a grain or a pound of salt when I don't hear the alternative solution in the same text. Barnett is like so many other liberals, and don't think he isn't a liberal, that think things are so much simpler than they really are. The devil is in the details and some of these details will come out. Meanwhile I read no suggestions from Barnett.

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Blogger NCRebane said...

Another misguided commentator who looks into the rear view mirror and sees a passel of woulda/coulda/shouldas. Somewhere in the past our schools quit teaching the role and responsibilities of the Federal Government of the United States. It will be a sad day when the central government in Washington DC has the power to initiate state and local level interventions that are not in response to requests by locally elected officials who are still alive and well and whose phones are still working. Such a Big Brother was not designed into our Constitution by the Founders.

George Rebane

Sun Sep 04, 01:53:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Frederic Christie said...

Fair enough, ncrebane, but THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. The Congress has decided, with no objection from the courts, that the federal government has a vested interest in assisting state and local governments with disaster, especially since replicating services in that fashion would be silly at best. Who gave Bush the right to decide this constitutional question for himself in violation of Congressional demands?

The "shoot on sight" order and similar dealings with looters is classic racial politics. has examples of the media's view of comparable cases: black people steal, white people find.

Thu Sep 08, 12:20:00 PM PDT  

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