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Friday, September 02, 2005

Blaming Bush for lack of New Orleans Planning

Power Line is following the blame Bush folks, with comments by readers. Details here. Some good insight by John Galvin:
The blame for the New Orleans disaster is 100% on New Orleans and Louisiana. This was NOT unforeseen. A cat 4-5 Hurricane has been expected for DECADES. There was NO planning for such an event.
1: The levees were only built for a Cat 3, at most most. No gat a Cat 4 storm and the levees failed, as would be expected. See US News of 7/18/05

Despite all the fancy words, a levee is just a big, thick reinforced concrete wall. Why couldn’t the state of Louisiana use its hefty oil and gas revenues to build better walls around it’s most important city?

2: As soon as the flood water came, New Orleans gov’t simply melted down. There was, and is, NO working chain of command. There was no plan to evacuate people who did not have cars. There was no provision for food, water, sanitary items, etc at either the Superdome or Convention Center. Compare NO gov’t in the flood to NYC gov’t on 9/11. compare NO to San Francisco or LA wheh they have the wholly expected earthquakes. Compare NO to Florida just 1 year ago, with 3 major hurricanes.

3. The state of Louisiana had NO plan for a flood in NO either. We saw their governor talking about “trying to come up with a plan for this” and “trying to come up with a plan for that” You don’t “try to come up with a plan” AFTER a FORSEEN disaster.
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Blogger Sherry said...

OK...what HAS Bush accomplished as he's put FEMA under the Homeland Security Umbrella? FEMA's own website (and name) suggests "management" and we don't imagine that it's associated with "crisis". TODAY we're being "convinced", (hello FEMA director), that FEMA is REACTIONARY. Really? And "homeland security" comes into play, how? Nevermind, it's OBIVIOUS that "security", as the government sees it, and as has been increasingly obvious, is ALL HANDLED by the NSA. The big hole that all of that MONEY is funneled into that PURPORTS to provide National Security but instead HELPS to deliver planes into tall buildings, has been alluded to FOREVER---the No Such Agency (FEMA) should now be recognized for what it is. THROWN TOGETHER AT THE LAST MOMENT AND ONLY AS NEEDED. Doesn't anyone else believe that something "in place" to protect should be PROACTIVE on some level? FEMA, in their capacity, should have, MINIMUM, demanded a contingency of National Guard be in place BEFORE the rain. Homeland Security,? Ha!

Fri Sep 02, 10:24:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Russ Steele said...

OK, has anyone noted that FEMA is doing a good job in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, where there waa no post hurricane flooding, roaming thugs in cars with guns, and now burning buildings. Or, that FEMA did a good job in Florida last year, with good leadership by Jeb Bush the Gov.

Disaster relief is a local responsibility, backed up by FEMA. If there is no local planning for flooding or fires, it is not FEMA's fault.

Fri Sep 02, 10:35:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Russ Steele said...

How can FEMA plan for this? From CNN:

One New Orleans police sergeant compared the situation to Somalia and said officers were outnumbered and outgunned by gangs in trucks.

"It's a war zone, and they're not treating it like one," he said, referring to the federal government.

The officer hitched a ride to Baton Rouge Friday morning, after working 60 hours straight in the flooded city. He has not decided whether he will return.

He broke down in tears when he described the deaths of his fellow officers, saying many had drowned doing their jobs. Other officers have turned in their badges as the situation continues to deteriorate.

In one incident, the sergeant said gunmen fired rifles and AK-47s at the helicopters flying overhead.

He said he saw bodies riddled with bullet holes, and the top of one man's head completely shot off.

Fri Sep 02, 10:42:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Sherry said...

Homeland Security: ?
National Guard: ?

Is there something that all three have in common as KATRINA KILLED and continues TO KILL?

FEMA restructured under HOMELAND SECURITY has a new job description, and it includes being PROACTIVE in an emergency---NOT BEING A POSTER CHILD for the SBA. (Low cost financing for those "qualifying" to re-build.)

Fri Sep 02, 01:58:00 PM PDT  

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