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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blame game economic drivel

Paul Sieving Hurricane shows "how consuming weakens us", 3 September, 2005

I can not believe this economic drivel is coming from a Grass Valley/Nevada County Chamber of Commerce Board member. I first met Paul when he joined the Chamber Board.
In the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina on the city and people of New Orleans, the fragility of our economy and the principles upon which it is based become all too clear. Our resources are spread pretty thin indeed, when we can't show up at a disaster scene to provide the basic recovery and support efforts upon which our society used to be based.

The driving force of our economy is consumption. Before we knew what it was, we used to call lung cancer consumption. What will we call the driving force of our economy once we figure out what it is?

If I remember correctly, the whole purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is to promote consumption, to create jobs and promote community prosperity. Prosperity that we are now sharing with the unfortunate in New Orleans and the other communities along the Gulf Coast.

As for the idea that our resources are spread thin, I am assuming that Paul is talking about the Federal response to people in New Orleans. As we pointed out below, that less than 11 percent of our troops are in the Mid East, and 75 percent of our National Guard troops are available to support State emergency needs. Has it occurred to the slow responce critics that the National Guard are state assets which can be called out by the Governor of a state. It takes about 5 days of government paper shuffling to bring them under Federal control. The five days that FEMA warns people, you must be prepared to hold out until we can bring the full force of the Government to your aid. Has anyone noticed, the troops arrived on the 5th day as they were promised. In the interim, the Governor can call up all the Guard troops they have, plus the Guard in adjoining states under cooperative support agreements. So why did it take so long for the LA Governor to respond, and when she did, telling us "we need an evacuation plan." Right, we wait for the disaster, and then plan, I guess that is how it is done in LA.

If anything was spread too thin it in New Orleans it was State and City leadership. Or, in this case the demonstrated lack of leadership until the Army arrived and started to kick a... You know what I mean.

It was the President that call the LA Governor and requested a manditory evacuation of New Orleans. In my book that was a demonstration of leadership, recognition of a pending disaster. Before the winds died below 50mph, the National Guard has 7,500 troops rolling to the area, covering hundreds of miles and over a hundred communities, New Orleans was not the only community needing help.

Read some of the blame game posts below for more details on the Goverment responce and the lack of State and City responce to the peoples needs.

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