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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Be prepared for a week, said FEMA.

Glenn Reynolds has some comments on disaster preparness at
But many commentators have looked at the images of people without food, water, or much of anything and announced that this shouldn't be happening in America -- as if we enjoy some sort of supernatural immunity to natural disaster, or some sort of superhuman ability to make things better.

It doesn't work that way. The reason why people like FEMA and the Red Cross recommend that you stockpile enough emergency supplies to get through at least a week without food, water, or electricity is that it generally takes at least that long after a major disaster to get aid flowing. Roads are blocked, bridges are down, power plants -- and lines -- are wrecked, and communications are interrupted. For at least a week (and you're much better off to be prepared for two) you may be on your own.
We are all acountable for having an emergency responce kit. Food and water for a week, should a disaster strike. Where is your kit?

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Blogger Sherry said...

I don't know if you noticed, but MOST of the people in the news, with no place to go and no way to get there, LOOK like they struggle to put a meal on the table. You want them to stash a week or two supply of food & water, "ICE"? When the "official" notice sent them to the Sports Dome WHAT EMERGENCY SUPPLIES went with them? Obviously, not enough to "support" their being IN THE STADIUM for "a week or two".

(Whose bad planning there?)

Yes, it's good to "be prepared", but I think it's a little disengenuous to BLAME people for being poor. A weeks supply of food, for 3 or 4 people, sitting in a pantry. How many of those stashes, (if even half those currently on the street were even capable of stashing), do you think survived Katrina?

My "emergency kit"? It travels with me---has ever since the 49'er fire when EVERYTHING I OWNED was consumed. Then, the "community" still existed. NO ONE was going to go hungry or thirsty, whether they had power, running water, or not. Do you see much "community" in New Orleans? Last I heard, it was being "transported" in -- trained while enroute. (Sorta like the FEMA supplies that couldn't be on any given helicopter without SUBSTANTIAL "negotiating" for the space on any given helicopter.

(Or, is FEMA in name only?)

Thu Sep 01, 10:34:00 PM PDT  

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