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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

When we find great food we share

In the 1980s and early 90s, when our children were in high school, we went to Citizens Pizza one or twice an month. But, when the last one when off to college we stopped going, as the pizza had become thin and the salad bar a local joke. As a result we ignored Citizens as a choice when dinning out.

Ellen and I were surprised when we heard Clay and Donna Collins were holding and open house to celebrate their first year as the owners of Citizens Restaurant. Clay and Donna were our neighbors for a number of years, renting a small cabin next door. They were great neighbors, and after they bought their own house, we often visited Cirinos in Nevada City just to see Clay and Donna, and check out some of Clay’s mouth watering creations. Tonight we joined Clay, Donna and their staff in celebrating a year of menu and ambiance changes at Citizens. More details on the new Citizens at

Naggiar Vineyard poured samples of their wines to complement Clay’s pizza, and pasta samples. Niggiars is the second largest vineyard in Nevada County, a big family operation, which only recently started bottling their own grapes. A bad cold kept me from getting the full impact of the wine. However, if all the “mummers” coming from the tasting table were any indication, the Naggiar family have creating some excellent wines. Ellen concurs. More details at

Nevada County is lucky to have such a talented chef in Clay Collins. We wish the Collins family and the Naggiar family the best of success. Ellen and I enjoyed a great mid week evening in Nevada City. See you at Citizens.

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