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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Weekend Camping Trip

Went dirt camping with my son-in-laws and their friends this week end, “a boys only camping trip” explained Nolan the six year old to his grandmother. After one night in the woods, Aidan the three year old asked, “can we stay three more days.” It was very interesting watching the dads be parents, when roughing it in the woods without mom. They all did a great job!

Ellen and I had four girls and took them camping often when they were growing up. We started when our first child was only 9 month old. We camped across the US from Maine to California for 30 days in a home built camper van. Now that two of our daughters have children, we are starting all over again, exploring the great outdoors answering questions about how to live in the woods.

Camping is less stressful with the son-in-laws in charge, I got to be an observer. We had great fun, while the girls has a movie party in Rosville with grandma. Ellen and I launch on another camping trip next week, just us this time.

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