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Thursday, August 11, 2005

War profits, lacks clarity

Patricia Black is worried about War profiteers, with our considering who really profits, August 10, 2005

I'm happy to provide clarity on the Iraq situation: money and power.

War is very lucrative for the few. The few run the show and make the profit, while the rest of us pay the costs.


We started this war, but we are not going to "win" it. We'll lose more the longer it goes on. But don't worry - Halliburton will profit in any case.

Ms. Black should consider this the next time she writes about the war in Iraq. Most defense companies, including Halliburton are owned by stock holders. Over 65 percent of familes in the United States invest in the stock market. Many of these stock holders, not all, share in defense company profits. Many benefit from second tier suppliers to defense companies, tire makers, metal suppliers and computer makers. Defense is a major sector of our economy. So, who is making these "huge war profits" -- share holders? Not, members of the administration, they have to give up investments or put them in blind trusts?

We will win, because there are not other alternatives to freedom worth having.

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