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Monday, August 15, 2005

Small Town Patriots

Darrell and Betty Stiving write about Helping a soldier, August 15, 2005
We are extremely proud of our son, we are also proud we have compassionate people here in Nevada County who share our feelings. Patriotism is still alive and well in Nevada County. We would like to thank you for your generosity, God bless you!
As we travel the west to Salmon Idaho, we are finding patriotism in small towns every where, with signs and flags along the byways. In the Lemhi Valley, the opening ceremonies of Lewis and Clark Reenactment and Core of Discovery events was dedicated to veterans, especially Iraq vets; with native american songs, speeches, and the presentation of commemorative metals to all vets and widows of vets. It was an unexpected, yet very moving show of Idaho patriotism.

Following the stories in the Union, it was good to see Nevada County’s tribute to Adam Strain, a true patriot? Certainly a much better show than the antiwar circus in Crawford Texas.

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